blogging laptop aquired

super stoked.

one of the biggest issues that i’ve had recently is wondering how i was actually going to write enough blogs for the website project that i had undertaken after all posting to that many sites, sometimes twice a day is gonna be a lot of works.

i’m happy to say that two major things have happened that make building out the .ee domain all that much more easier now. i’ve got a laptop again and also the new wordpress desktop application is actually awesome. like, really.

the macbook while an older model is actually gonna work out pretty good, i’m considering a dropping in a SSD drive of the same size to get a bit more life out of it and it’s maxxed out at 4gb, shame i cannot add more but for what i’m going to use it for the fact the keyboard is already broken in means i can just blast out the words. i’m stoked.

when i got the laptop it was totally blank so i had to download el capitan and make a bootable usb stick and install it, had to adjust the date of the machine as well because i was getting messages about a corrupt installer. changing the data to the start of the current month worked out. i honest did not think that el capitan would work out.

i had been considering another application (which i’ll still probably get) because it supports medium as well as wordpress but for now this mac desktop app is really something, the tight intergration with the wordpress backend make it problem i think i’ll use to blog more.

as much as i like the ipad 2 and the jorno keyboard combination since the screen has been broken it’s made the whole thing super slow and cumbersome, maybe i’ll go back to that combo when i’ve got the ipad pro mini (also with my fourth apple wireless keyboard — those rock)

just the ability to have all the websites in one location is huge, i can start a blog post, write down events of the day, make some super fast keys for commonly used items and footers. huge, the aim is to ramp up to putting together at least two blog posts a day across ten sites.

so yeah,┬áblogging laptop aquired and ready to work, aiming to be out at least twice a week – start and the end, swimming sessions followed by some blogging laptop club and then power naps, the best power naps are after the swimming part! ­čÖé

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