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so it got me thinking while I was making the referral video for skillshare. being smack back in the middle of Brexit, here in the UK as we decide on this EU referendum about my choice and position. how does a digital nomad who is travelling vote on these things? what if your location independent but a citizen of a country and you did not know about this important vote?

but also what if you wanted to be country agnostic and work anywhere with anyone in the world across borders. just how would you navigate such a process? of course, for me, the one solution is the Estonia e-residency card I have. I’ll always have a basecamp, bank account, and business there BUT I can travel anywhere. I can commute between countries and work globally as long as I have a digital basecamp of a dashboard to access the needed financial and business paperwork that often pops up.

bitterness from years of fighting against the system and not conforming, wearing a ready to go suit, smile and nodding dog style approach to the lazy speed that business and startup culture in the UK have become has made me retract myself from anything society like. I just want to be able to work, across any border in the world from a computer, do my digital billing, pay whatever taxes are required for that country that has my account setup and goes about my life.

in some ways, I’d like to be country agnostic. a problem is we cannot do that, we have to be a citizen of somewhere (unless maybe we have our own island right?) on planet earth, we have a requirement to be known to someone, somewhere. it’s part of being a citizen of a society that we are afforded passports, credit ratings and such like.

how do you function if you don’t want those things, to be just digitally nomadic and country agnostic at the same time. people are often head hunted in the digital arena for their talents and the country of origin is often effected by the ‘poaching’ of that talent, that income paying into the origins country baseline gdp.

if the workers and the talent are always on the move between countries how does a country generate it’s income then? raising taxes, cutting back on developments and repairs maybe, some places without the correct planning could be ghost towns and cities very easily i guess.

i may have a super simple view of life (and i’m fine with it) but i really don’t want to engage with the ‘world outside my window’ at times. so much pain and anger, so much greed and manipulation, so much noise and conversations of power play data exchanges, media snippits and soundbites. i’m just done with it.

i just want to make what i love, share my wisdom that i collected along the way for others to hopefully adapt to their own tastes and learn from without all the politics involved.  the world is ever more becoming more connected, more distributed, more spread out across countries borders.

people constantly on the move between cities, digital workers holed up in coffee shops across the land feeding the digital machine in the pursuit of funds to maintain their lifestyles and careers while underneath the system hive mind continues to play catchup with an ever changing world. it’s a super fine balance, i’m not sure if both are ever going to be in sync.

so whatever the outcome today in the brexit here in the uk i hope your enjoying your life, adapting to everything going on around you and your finding your place in the world. i’ll be really interested to hear from anyone who is always on the go from place to place and how you deal with visas, access, travel and location. what power hacks have you found that work well in your life?

leave your comments below i’d love to hear from you! ­čÖé

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