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been kind of hoping that BitTorrent would grow up, make things easier on the front end, give us some way of using the technology in a way that makes sense. I believe it’s finally here and I wanted to make a quick course about it so you can see why I love it so much already and it’s still really really new.

some main points. ..

  • as far as I can see so far it costs nothing to host your content on there
  • put in a title, description, tags, cover art and a background image
  • you can put in ‘gates’ of email or payment for premium content
  • sort your uploads into the free and premium list and submit (easy)
  • you get the full amount of any payment made to you (yes, 100% PayPal payment)
  • the front end store is very alpha (it needs work)
  • I’ve been submitting and putting my courses on there.

now BitTorrent obviously as a reputation as being mainly about illegal torrents, films, music, boxsets and all that jazz because of it being the technology that originally powered Napster and all those that are internet savvy and have been online for more than a decade will know about the mp3 rush and the global sharing that went down because of it.

the transport protocol, however (the BitTorrent tech) is actually really fricking good at being able to traverse networks and is a solid protocol when more people actually share your files, the connection actually gets faster when more people are connected. it’s kinda awesome. the same is true of the BitTorrent live technology that I believe with the right kind of global support will be something we will see more of.

now, of course, you do need an application on your machine to get the .torrent files and grab files from BitTorrent now but they offer that, of course, free of charge and they even have a nice little application for your smartphone and tablet devices. I suggest you take a look, this could be a great arena for you and your content to be discovered.

will it take off? who knows, we have to use it to make that kind of thing happen, I hope you will at least support this version by putting some of your courses there, after all, you can set the price for the premium content part or maybe just put one of your basic courses up and ask for email address. they have some really nice stats and an easy to download button for your .csv file full of email addresses? really neat.


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