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I get asked a lot what I use for blogging and most of the time I would have to say WordPress. I’ve been back and forth over the years using much lighter blogging platforms even down to ones without databases for pure speed but I keep on coming back to WordPress because of some of the plugins. it seems to be a lot more stable these days as well then it used to be, it used to be full of problems and security issues.

It can be hard to Get Blogging because of issues with platforms, bandwidth, hosting and plugins. Running medium removes all that and allows you to just Get Blogging easily. Anything important that you think you might need you only have a bunch of menu options to step through anyway over time to get familiar with what is possible. Best thing, you can blog from anywhere just by quickly logging in and away you go, straight into writing in one click.

that said one of the more fully featured platforms out of the box that has grown on me has to be medium. you can be up and running really quickly, it integrates with twitter already and is effectively free, you can even link your domain name (at least for now, for free) so offers a free place for writing, picture sharing and such like.

I made a little #donein20 course for you guys interested in making a blog but not really sure where to start. it’s not a complete guide but more of a ‘peak’ your interest kind of thing, I hope you find it useful. So, what are you waiting for Getting Blogging!

I’ve put up twenty-five free passes for the course after that you have to become a premium user which at the moment is set at the bargain price of 99 cents for three months access. total bargain, get in while you can at that price.


Get premium access to the course for just $0.99 AND three months access to 5000 more tutors and premium content by using my link –

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hope you like the course!

Phil (@philcampbell)

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