getting into a routine for writing

it’s important to me to use the time between the work to write, to put out something, to take the time of my brain cycling around the pit of not working and applying that random energy to something else. keys seems to be the thing, at least then i’ve used that chaos energy for good and i get to pad out the sites a little more and also remark on them at the same time. win right?

for instance, i think apart from being the podcasting site where we put out our latest podcast (yes, we did not start yet) i think it’s going to be a bit of a reflection dumping ground when in transition between places. i’m already hoping that it becomes a good place to drop in little life hacks, especially because the podcast is mainly going to be around working between the grids.

the grids of online life and offline. the space between the connection. the bits where you take time out and reflect and then come back to the grid to tell everyone about it. seems almost fatalistic to even consider that at the moment, just this method of distracting ones self from higher purpose not yet exposed or sourced.

sitting next to me today is a veritable vat of a slow cooker. i made it up about three hours ago and it’s been leaking into my brain ever since. every so often i’m lifting the lid to see if the water is going down at all, i’ve put in far too much of the food today – we have broccoli, spuds, carrots, mince, garlic, herbs. it’s going to be all kinds of special.

i’m currently working on a new template for skillshare, i’ve added some more call to action elements and i need to get this base template right before i move on. i need to stand up and turn off the fan above my head to stop the noisy fan so i can record some audio. it’s a simple task, movement but for some reason it was more important for me to start writing this out instead.

i think i’ve got some energy in my for the writing, blogging arena. i’m keen to get started, i’ve spent what seems like months getting this network of sites together, i’m getting close, just some custom code work on the templates of the theme i’m working with to use the defaults that i need per post and i can literally just type and post, type and post. i’m excited to play that game.

i’m setting myself a rough post size of seven hundred and fifty words per post, ideally i’d like that to be around ten topics every day when on the road so i’ll be topping 7500 words a day. that’s kinda nuts and i’m not sure how possible it is but seeing as i already wrote nearly five hundred in ten minutes i think it can flow out pretty quickly.

the purpose of the ten sites and you will see over time is to promote e-residency from estonia. i’m keen to start a business there and commute between england, spain and the uk. i’ve got a semi plan in place, i just need the funds, access to a super reliable van that i can ‘upgrade’ with everything i need before i head onto the road and decent breakdown recovery. all the elements are coming together.

optimising the templates and moving sites, migrating away from an old host, speeding things up, getting the right base line to do the 2011 win all over again is hard, i did not realise how hard it would be, i guess i’m going to have a lot to talk about on the podcast when i finally get going there. i’ve just not been in the right headspace, place to live to speak about it all. i’d rather just get stuck in and get it done.

so many elements to buy for the project yet – some decent miss, dual input, easy way on the road to mix together the podcast, post the up to soundcloud should be the easy bit. still need to consider the red sofa and how to integrate that into the van as a seat and easy element to bring in and out of the van for the different months of the podcasts. i’m sure we will do it more than monthly however.

thinking that a new category of pictures on nomad pictures and cinemagraphs would be a nice touch. i’m pretty sure we will be putting out audio regular once we get started, i’m thinking right now that small recordings mixed together to start will work best instead of full on sit down pieces that are timed exactly to an hour. gotta find all the jingles and intro music and well. .. lots of elements.

ok, spent some time pounding out these eight hundred plus words, back to switching off that fan and recording this audio so i can get started on padding out the next ten skillshare courses then.

until next time, listen to the frequency that you run at, don’t allow people to tell you that you need to be a certain way and let that energy, spirit and soul life flow out of you until you find what your looking for.

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