Summer Working Report for Virtual July 2016

so i have to tell you, i’ve just had the best month online working so far and it was in the middle of summer, i have no idea what august is going to look like (normally awesome and summer is dead for me) apart from some of my udemy income already showing up but i think this virtual working is going to work out.

one big lesson i’ve learned, spread your digital net wide, do not rely on income from one channel and always be building in more channels, add as you go. platforms and income can come and go. platforms get aquired and sold off without concern for the community and people shift focus to different places depending on new, exciting or more fitting cost models that fit the shift in a persons purchase decision.

that said, it’s been a great month so far. maybe not great for other people but you have to remember i’m moving into it full time, totally working digitally from the web. working eight or twelve hour shifts in a manual labour environment are pretty much over for me. it takes far too much of my life away and i have always felt that is not the area for me to concentrate on.

the future so far is pretty bright.. .

  • udemy (starting to bear some regular fruit, low but doing ok)
  • skillshare (had my best month with referrals and general amount)
  • google adsense (ads from 3/4 sites are bringing in a good amount every few months)
  • cambly (weekly funds have gone down but still works ok)

areas that i really want to concentrate on. ..

  • all things amazon, selling and videodirect
  • convertkit across all the blogs
  • get the rest of the blogs up and running for adsense
  • look at other virtual working places
  • add more expertise on and putting widget *everywhere*
  • bringing back fiverr gigs back from the dead
  • making bundles and packs over on teachable
  • write some e-books around skillshare topics and put them on amazon
  • build our megagive away packs for convertkit signup
  • start making monthly gumroad packs.
  • having a better youtube presence
  • getting that t5/laser combi i’m always talking about (need to make headway there)
  • start the actual podcast for (not totally sure what is stopping me there)

we setup a pokemon go facebook group this weekend and all went walking and putting lures on different pokemon stops. it was pretty awesome, we even took a gym and met a dude that had a 1400+ flareon. he was team instinct too (yellow) so we have a pretty decent hold over a gym there for the time being. it’s great because we get free stuff each day from the shop/store while we have someone at the gym.

if you have not seen my courses yet, please go and check them out, i’ve put a stack up recently and i’m now working on another batch but they will take a little longer because they are more detailed than the rest and so they need even more research than the other ones – the other ones were easier to get done.

flipping back to the virtual work the one thing that i really like is that i get to set my hours, i’m probably doing less than i was because i was concentrating on one source. that’s super dangerous because that income stream could dry up really quickly. i realise that i need to push a few more bigger courses on udemy and i need to keep to the almost daily posting of courses over on skillshare. the next group however are a little more involved.

blogging is a huge part as well, i had promised myself i would be blogging a lot more to the sites i’ve put up and i’ve not really been getting into that 750 words sprint on a daily basis, i need to just open up and release the energy on that one, especially now i have grammerly, that program makes writing a breeze especially when i’m not that good at it.

i can certainly see the ‘digital tide’ turning for me and i know what level of effort, energy and focus i need to put in to get results, just increasing my skillshare by nearly 400% this month made me realise what was required and just to what level i could get to on this by christmas. i’ve got the courses, i’ve certainly got the the time and the resources to be able to push them and the audience development side just increases each week with every push.

this week i’m switching it up with a cross section of walking (pokemon go) and business (new two hour business course) and online working, between the moments i’m adding detail to the courses via trello today using my ipad and the bluetooth keyboard instead of carrying a super heavy laptop around with me.

i’ll update you as i roll out some of the new areas i’m concentrating on to let you know how i get on with those too.

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