The Digital Nomad Friendly e-NV200

this popped up in my news feed this morning.

i’d always thought about the e-NV200 electric van from nissan as being perfect for some kind of internal hacking of the digital nomad kind – looks like someone went and done it and look at it, looks wonderful. love the feature of the bike, coffee maker and that deck (gimmicky?) thou.

it’s good for nissan because it’s a great way to sell product, it opens up the conversation with the digital nomads and the location independant and also gives people another reason to look at electric, open up the discussion about electric cars/vans and power and also commuting in general.

i’m really not sure how this would ‘go down’ in the uk in terms of parking, local councils, private parking allowing fleets of workers in the back of electric vans, i’m sure they would find a way to shut that stuff down pretty fast. we seem to restrict people that come up with a creative solution.

The office features an integrated fold-out desk, touchscreen computer, wireless internet, smartphone-controlled LED lights, wireless phone charging, Bluetooth audio system, mini fridge and barista-quality coffee machine.

personally if it was a bit larger, had a toilet and some kind of bedding area then i’m sure nissan would do very well with the digital nomad collectives of the world. it’s what location independant people are doing everyday anyway. popping in and out of cybercafes around the world, working out of them and then heading back to their cheap rented apartment somewhere in chang mai, thailand.

think about it, a stealth version of this, even working together with a local parking space/company that always has the top floor space available/open so people can get a good mobile wifi signal. we are moving to more fiber over the air systems so we will start to see 100/1000mb wireless internet systems out there. easy to work and travel if you see fit.

With electric vehicles costing as little as £0.02 per mile to run, Nissan claims the e-NV200 WORKSPACe offers a cost-effective desk space solution.

i certainly love the angle that nissan are taking in looking at the trends out there and building something that will attract the next generation audiences to electric transportation by moulding around it the next generation of digital workers at the same time.

interesting times ahead for electric transportation.

P.S – can we stop using ‘worlds first’ for stuff. it’s lame, oldskool and arrogant and unneeded. we are obsessed with that statement like it’s a fresh thought out idea when lots of people already did it and have been living that lifestyle forever. it’s not fresh, it’s not creative and for the hype it ‘actually’ creates just becomes a poor attempt at ‘spin’ in a digital connected world. we get it, your excited. let your work show that.

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