i really fight not moaning about stuff but some mornings you just wake up exhausted. that’s how i feel today. bad sleep, bad mood, lots to be done and limited amount of energy, focus and brain power. but push through we must. i still have coffee and foods and warmth. i must not complain and instead push through.

i’m desperate to maintain a daily routine of writing. i’ve made all these sites and am therefore determined to get myself into an environment of output. output from all angles. creative, thought process, wishes and dreams. not wishy washy ‘change the world’ style but more provoking and change myself, selfish of course. i’ve yet to really find the enablers that i can work alongside with without questioning the ethics and the why.

i find it difficult being in my forties and awake to the world en masse. content and information streams in fast pace on a daily basis. i am of course the conduit to if i absorb it and process it of course. it’s there, it’s always there, asking for attention. it’s hard to ignore. i put that down to being an earth sign, i feel the low frequency rumbling of the constant battle between the worldly good and the high looming towers of deceit from above.

whoa. miserable.

been scanning the usual virtual worker spaces this morning like some social media mad max looking for work by the hour that can bring in some funds. my existing client has gone a bit cold. not sure where he is at but i’ll drop him another note later today to see if he needs anything else. the upside is the i’ve had quite a bit of work from him and it will look good as my first client on the profile. downside is that the weekly drips of funds stops.

i did however get a message through about my bike this morning. that would be a great base to work from for the rest of the year however. i really really don’t want to be here for christmas this year. i’d like to be on a beach somewhere and getting as much vlogging or podcasting (mobile) in as possible, kinda take stock of where i’m at again before the new year rolls into view again.

i’ve done quite a lot of the setup of the sites where i wanted them to be i just kinda wish i had a bit more energy/equipment to really take the trips out that i need to be able to get my ‘digital’ eye in again. so may great bits of kit out there for capturing the world around us. also, beekeeping! but i’ll keep that for another day maybe.

kinda interested to see how things are going to play out now with brexit supposed to be enacted around march of 2017. they say it will take two years, i’d like to go to a number of the eu states we currently have access to within that time but i’m just not just how feasible actually leaving for any length of time will be possible. everyday i hear rumbling of controls, boarders and the undercurrent of people on the move.

youtube has been kinder to me this last month and adsense is trickling along nicely. trying to get my attention set on pushing up the next twelve skillshare courses but i’m getting frustrated with my inability to complete some of them, i need to take time to get more power naps in today and hopefully get one at least shot and uploaded. i think the next one for skillshare people and their profile image is quite a good one so let’s hope that brings in the people.

target wise on skillshare i’m at six hundred people (490 are students) and on the way towards that thousand number before the end of the year. i set myself the challenge of one thousand people and one hundred courses.

i’m going to be well away from the courses number before the end of the year but i’m gonna be close on the people side i think. the more people i can notify when i push a new course the more chance i have that the numbers of premium enrolments will be higher.

i’m also still getting funds from udemy. i cannot grasp it or understand how that works at all, what i do know is that i need more courses up there. the interface and system is not as easy as skillshare to post but the passive (like really passive, i do no promotion) income while only a smattering of money is still money so i need to push for some more courses there.

just a tenfold increase there would bring about enough for me to cover the monthly bills for where i’m currently camped out at. that’s huge for me and i don’t think it would take that much to get say the next five courses out there before the end of the year.

it feels kinda strange to operate in this way with distributed funds from different places but it’s the order of the world now. data silos of on demand work from people with access to finances vs those that have access to the internet.

oh that reminds me, i’m going to a new co-working place near the weekend to check out the premises. i’m really keen on getting a yearly access subscription there to the gigabit. i really need to change up my iMac to a laptop in the process however as getting kit back and forth can be a little bit of a bind.

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